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As a young woman, Eva Moore loved diving into a romance and losing herself in the story. Books were perfect for avoiding midterms and report cards. She even met her husband while reading a Julie Garwood. When the second baby came along though, she found she had little time for diving into anything but laundry. Missing her stories desperately, she began to make up her own. The characters she played with in her mind while she washed dishes and changed diapers eventually made their way onto the page, and she was hooked.


Eva Moore writes sexy contemporary romances featuring compelling characters finding love in the modern world. Pulling up her Chicagoland roots, she has chased adventures around the globe, with stints in France and Singapore. Eva now lives in California (at the wine end, not the movie end) with her college sweetheart and three gorgeous kiddos. She loves hearing from the outside world while she’s hiding in her writing cave/she shed.

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