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On becoming a #writer

I am a writer. It feels good to say that with confidence and conviction. For a long time writing has been my solace, my way of filling up the well when it threatens to run dry. It has been tucked away into the spare minutes between pre-school pick-ups and loads of laundry. It has been my saving grace more times than I like to count. And through all of that, it has been mine, private, hidden, safe. Stepping out into the big bold world of publishing is this new challenge I've set for myself, a personal goal to help me through yet another big transitional period in my life. I am so grateful for the group of writers joining me in the RWA University Networking class. True, I am in the class to learn how to promote my work as I begin to self-publish, and boy am I learning the heck out of that! (Thanks a million Catherine Bybee!) But more than that, I am creating an online community of like-minded writers. It doesn't matter if you've published, self-published, or never published beyond your 7th grade literary journal, ahem. We are all in this crazy business together and it has been lovely to meet so many of you online. Being so far from home right now, I have really come to value the technical connections that can link people no matter where on Earth they've planted their roots. So thank you for putting yourself out there this week. #winning


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